Sunday, July 15, 2012

Big weeks

The big weeks are beginning to add up. It's like the myth of Sisyphus. Roll the stone up the hill. Get to the top, it rolls back down and start again.

I'm about 90 percent "there." And by "there," I mean fit enough to be confident enough to do it.

Last week's long bike / brick was a bit of a bust. I rode 77 miles, but in the 100 degree heat index, the second half was absolutely grueling. I made it home, and in decent time, but had nothing left for the run--I ran about a mile and turned it.

With decent weather this weekend, it was a little different story. On the road at 6 on Saturday--I go at dawn to maximize my time with my family later in the day. I made it out to Ashtabula before turning around; 85 miles in 4-1/2 hours. That's about 18.8 mph, at a very aerobic intensity. That's good. Followed with a 4 mile transition run. My legs felt pretty sturdy.

This morning I was back on the road for a 2-1/2 hour run. It wasn't too hot, but very humid. During the last couple of miles, my shoes were squishing from the sweat. It took about an hour for my legs to loosen up after yesterday's efforts, but I ended up running comfortably and steadily. Covered 14 miles--about a 10:35 pace.

The swims are going well too. I've added a third workout to my weekly schedule--just a short technique workout. My endurance is about as high as its ever been, as I'm knocking out 4,000 meter workouts almost weekly. Just need some opportunities to get in the open water.

And that will come next weekend. I'm heading to Sandusky early Saturday for a course preview day with Cleveland Tri Club. Hoping to get in a little open water work, followed by a 100-miler on the bike, and a transition run. This is going to be a biggie.

Well, the stone's back in the valley. Got to start pushing again.