Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ohio Masters Open Water Swim

I participated in the Ohio Masters Open Water Swim meet this morning at Edgewater park. I entered the two mile swim. I've put in some decent yardage (and meterage) in the pool lately, but have swam in the open water only once this year. That was a week ago, in Mirror Lake at Lake Placid.

We had beautiful weather this morning. Temperatures in the mid 70s, no wind and calm waters. I ran in to a number of people I know from triathlon before the race. There were a number of triathletes there, but I think most of the participants were Swimmers (with a capital "S").

The race started a little late, as they had some trouble getting the buoys set. But a few minutes after 8:00, we were off and swimming.  

My swimming has been slower than in years past, but I've put in some long swims and was comfortable with the prospect of this long of a swim. Although, I was without a wetsuit, which I figured would slow me down a bit. I don't so much swim as I muscle my way through the water, as more than one coach has told me. The wetsuit helps keep me buoyant, but I just didn't want to wear it. 

I did about 1-3/4 miles in Mirror Lake in 1:04, so I settled into an easy, slow pace, and figured I was looking at a 1:15 finish. The course was basically a triangle loop, done twice for the two mile. I sensed very quickly that I was pretty slow. That, because I quickly lost sight of any other pink caps (my color), and was soon passed by the other waves of swimmers.  But, it was just a nice, easy swim. 

I finished in about 1:14. Not bad, although I was near the rear of the pack. 

It was fun. Something a little different.

I hadn't planned to do any tris this year. But being in Lake Placid last week awakened the demon and convinced me to give one a try. So I'll be returning to Fairport Harbor tomorrow for the Lighthouse tri.  I haven't even ridden my Cervelo at all this year until today. I took it out for a 7-mile shakeout ride. After a summer of riding the Dreadnought Frankenbike, the P3 felt light and fast. Will let you know how it goes.

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