Thursday, August 28, 2008


It's taper time for the DWD 50, which is a week from Saturday.  My last long run was last Saturday. 17 miles on the Buckeye. My goals for these two weeks are to:
1) Stay healthy.
2) Not gain weight.
3) Stay healthy.

I've done a few runs this weeks. Only stressor was a 4-mile tempo run on Tuesday. Everything else has been easy. Two days off from running, now, then a 10-miler on the trails Saturday.

Getting in a little pool time this week. The outdoor pool is all but closed for the season, so I am back in the "tub" at the YMCA. Battling for space with all the old folks. Coming back inside is like going back to work after two weeks of vacation.

Well, after two years of struggling with other strokes (on advice of various coaches), I've been using a front-quadrant style again.  Just in the last week or so, my 100 pace is down almost 30 seconds. Just like that. I kid you not. I did a 500 in 8:12 this morning. Which might not qualify me for the London Games, but it's faster than I've done a 500 in a long, long time.

This is the swim style I used when I was able to swim a 1:06:50 in Lake Placid. My best swim performance ever.  But the coaches watched me and told me I needed a faster turnover.  And I'm such a dope, I've been struggling with that for two years since.

Was it Mickey Mantle who said, "don't let 'em mess with your swing"? 

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triguyjt said...

I think it was Mickey Mantle who also said..."I'll take another beer".

wow...what an improvment on the swim.....